DirecTV and Dish Network Installation
Receiver / Remote Installation
Account Activations
Operation Instructions

Receiver/Remote Installation

A basic installation requires that the receiver be installed on or next to the television so that the cables supplied by the manufacturer can reach the rear of the television. The installer should connect your satellite receiver to your VCR. The satellite installer is not required to connect your satellite system to a home theater system, but they are expected to connect any audio/video cables, supplied by your receiver manufacturer, to your television. However, the rear of your television must reasonably accessible. Heavy televisions set inside a stationary entertainment center may be difficult for a single person to safely handle.

To have access to Pay-Per-View movies your satellite receiver must be connected to a telephone jack. Your installer is required to connect the satellite receiver to a telephone jack using the telephone cable supplied by the receiver manufacturer. If you have no telephone jack close enough to your television, your installer may offer to charge an appropriate fee to install a jack or provide other options to you. There may not be a requirement for your receiver to be connected to a telephone jack, so you may have the option to not have the telephone connection. Some retailers and advance satellite receivers do require the connection, so ask your sales person about any telephone line requirements before you buy.

The installer is required to program your remote control with the proper codes to allow the remote to operate your television for volume and on/off functions. There are situations were some televisions may not be operated by your satellite remote. Older and various off-brand televisions are sometimes difficult to program and may not work with your remote. However, the installer should at least try.


Once your system is operational, the installer will call your program provider and have the unit(s) authorized. The installer will provide the program provider with the serial numbers and access card numbers of your equipment. Either you or the installer will tell the customer account representative (C.A.R) your desired programming package. At some point you will need to speak to the C.A.R yourself to verify your address and programing selection. In most cases, both DirecTV and Dish Network require you to provide your social security number in order to immediately activate your programming. Other options to avoid providing your social security number include providing a credit card number or sending money to the programming provider before your system can be activated.

If your installer tries to show you how to use the system and then calls to authorize, with the intention of leaving while you are on the phone, do not let them leave.

The installer is required to verify that all receivers have been properly activated and work properly. Only after the installer has verified all receivers are working should they proceed to showing you how to operate the system.

System Education

This installation requirement is the most ignored responsibility by some installers. Every installer is required to provide at least 20 minutes of hands on education.

Basic instructions on how to operate your new satellite system should include the follow.

1. How to navigate the on screen guide to locate your channels.
2. How to record our satellite channels with your VCR.
3. How to customize a favorite channel list.
4. How to use your remote to operate your TV.
5. Basic trouble shooting procedures (unplug the unit, ect...)
6. Who to call when you have problems.

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