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You see them almost every day. Ads for FREE 4-room DirecTV, or FREE Dish Network DVR, Next day installation, order now to get your FREE home theater. We have prepared some helpful information to help you select the right retailer for your FREE satellite TV deal.

Before you can select the right retailer, you need to know a little about how the retailer networks operate. Some retailers purchase equipment from distributors, then install it at no cost. In exchange for signing up a NEW customer, the Platform provider (Directv or the Dish Network) pay the retailer a sales commission, installation reimbursement and a payment to cover the cost of the equipment. These retailers are commonly called Satellite Independent Retailers (SIR's).


The other type of retailer, is one that does not buy or stock equipment. These retailers only provide DirecTV or the Dish Network with your information. From that point on, you are no longer dealing with the company you choose to give your business. Regardless of the size of the store, or their reputation, you are passed on in exchange for a commission only payment.

All Retailers offer the same FREE promotions.

Regardless of who you call, those free movie channels for 90 days promotions and FREE DVR's are available from any retailer. All retailers can offer the same deals. The Platform provider establishes the promotions for the retailers. The only exception are those FREE DVD Players, Home Theaters, and other non satellite merchandise give away's. Those retailers are paying for those items from the sales

"All retailers can offer the same deals."

commissions they expect to receive for signing a new customer. Those items rarely have a value worth more then $50. In some cases you have to wait 6 months, and then follow a series of procedures to actually get your equipment. When you do receive your free item, you will often discover that it is a re-manufactured item that falls far short of your expectations.

How do you know which retailer to trust? The only real difference from one retailer to the next is the installation and service after-the-sale they provide. Both DirecTV and the Dish Network maintain "In-House" Installation networks. The primary issue with these large multi-state companies are their ability to provide custom installations. Many are only allowed to install to specific guidelines, which often leads to dishes being installed in less the most desirable locations.

So who do you call? Call a local Satellite Independent Retailer (SIR) who provides custom installations, and will not only tell you the name of your installer before you sign up, but may actually let you talk to them before you sign up, if you have questions about your installation.

SIR's can provide you those same FREE satellite deals and provide you the customer service you deserve.

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FREE Satellite TV offers from Local Retailers, What you do not know about FREE DirecTV and FREE Dish Network Satellite TV, but need to know.