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WildBlue, provides high speed satellite internet to business and consumers all across North America. Satellite Broadband offers comparable download speeds to 720K DSL and many wireless providers. Upload speeds around 90Kbps are common.

To understand how WildBlue does what it does, you should understand how satellite internet works. A satellite internet modem connects your computer to a Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC is your gateway to the World Wide Web. When your web browser request a web page. The request is up to a satellite 22,3000 miles above the equator. The satellite retransmit the request down to the NOC. The NOC uses high speed internet connections to contact the web server. The server sends the requested data to the NOC, where the NOC sends the data to the satellite and down to your satellite modem. These steps do not vary much from any other Internet Service Provider (ISOP). If you use a traditional dial up phone modem to connect the internet, your modem dials to your ISP's modem and they serve the same function as the NOC. With a NOC, the connection is made via satellite as opposed to a phone line.

There are some critical differences between dial up, DSL, or a cable modem. A satellite signal traveling 22,300 miles up and down and then back up and back down takes about 480 milliseconds. This is called signal latency. This same effect can be seen when you talk to someone on a phone call which uses satellites. Most phone calls today use fiber optics thus greatly reducing this lag effect.

When you add up the WildBlue satellite signal latency to the normal signal latency between the WildBlue NOC and the World Wide Web, you will have an average overall latency (in internet terms this called ping times) of at least 600ms and common ping times up to 800ms. This compares to 100ms to 250ms for other, non-satellite, broadband methods. As long as a user understand that satellite internet will appear to have slower page loads then other broadband options of the same download speeds, most users accept this as normal. WildBlue Latency does not have an appreciable affect on file transfers, or large page loads

WildBlue Download Speeds are determined by the package you subscribe to. WildBlue offers three packages for residential use.

  • Value Pak - $49.99/month - 512Kbps / 128Kbps
  • Select Pak - $69.95 /month - 1.0 Mbps / 200 Kbps
  • Pro Pak - $79.95/month - 1.5 Mbps / 256 Kbps

The download and upload speeds are "UP TO" speeds. While users can receive these speeds once in awhile under ideal conditions, NO ONE should expect to see these speeds consistently. Weather and your location with in the spot beam greatly affect your actual performance. Real world performance is between 70 and 80 percent of these "UP TO" speeds.

Spot Beams Technology separates WildBlue from other Satellite Internet providers. Instead of using a single beam to provide service to North America, WildBlue use newer KA-band spot beam technology. Each beam is able to provide a stronger signal to its area, but at a cost. There are areas between the beams that do not work as well as those towards the middle of a beam. Your LOCAL dealer or technician can help you determine the performance of WildBlue in your area.

WildBlue KA band Spot Beams


Upload speeds are affected by location and weather. Just like a flashlight beam drops intensity as you look from the center of the beam to outer edges, a satellite signal becomes weaker as you move to the fringes of the beam.


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