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Trees grew
Tree growth is one of the most common reasons for satellite TV systems to stop working. Knowing what trees or tree limbs are causing the problem can be tricky. Tree branches hanging down 10 feet in front of a tree will cause the same annoying problem as trees one mile away on a hill top. If your install technician did not go over with you at the time of install what trees or bushes might interfere with your reception, we highly recommend contacting a local service department. Please use our national database to locate a service technician in your area.

Cable was cut
The signal traveling from your satellite dish to your satellite receiver is a complex digital carrier with DC voltage present. Improper cable connections and splices are the number 1 reason for faulty satellite system operation. You can make a temporary splice to your cable by using common RG-6 or RG-59 fittings available at most hardware stores. Unplug your satellite TV receiver as soon as you know you have a problem. Make your cable splice and to assure your system has trouble free operation you should have a professional satellite TV technician make permanent cable repairs. One of the largest causes of system failure is a poor cable splice. The signal used by DirecTV and Dish Network between the dish and receiver, is very susceptible to water intrusion and signal loss, if a cable is not repaired properly. Use our locator to find a professional installer neat you.

Dish moved
If your dish has moved by being hit by a object such as a ladder, car, child or you and you no longer have reception you may need to replace the dish. A properly tighten dish mount will not move unless it receives a serious hit. A hit that strong will often bend the dish reflector, resulting in a non-operational dish.
If your mount was loose enough your dish may have just slipped a little. In this case you need to decide if you can safely reach your dish to work on it. If you can, loosen the bolts that secure the dish the mast a little. Not to loose. Make small 2 degree adjustments and let stand for 5 seconds before moving again. If you can't locate the satellite in 5 minutes, we suggest calling for professional help. Please use our national database to locate a service technician in your area.

How can I keep the snow out?
Many dealers sell dish covers to prevent snow from accumulating in your dish. These covers can have mixed results since the snow often builds up on the cover. Your local dealer is the best source of information for these devices. Each part of the country has special weather conditions to consider and your local dealer is aware of what will and will not work for your environment. Please use our national database to locate a dealer in your area.

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