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Using Remote Extenders

Remote extenders or add on kits can dramatically change the functionality of your satellite TV system.
Remote extenders are available from many manufactures. The most well known is Pyramid. While the pyramid is the most well known all brands operate in the same manner. Two boxes shaped like a pyramid or cone. One is a transmitter and the other is a receiver. The transmitter is located in the room you wish to watch TV from and the receiver is located in the same room as the satellite receiver. You point the remote at the receiver and signals are collected, converted to a UHF signal. The UHF signal travels out through walls and floors were it is picked up by the UHF receiver. The receiver converts the UHF signals back to infrared.

The UHF receiver can send the new infrared signals to the receiver in one of two ways. If can place the UHF receiver across the room from the satellite receiver and the signals will be sent across the room to the satellite receiver. The second option is to place the UHF receiver next to the satellite receiver and install a IR emitter. The emitter plugs into the UHF receiver and the other end is stuck to the front of the satellite receiver over the part the the receiver that collects the infrared signals from the remote.

DISH network offers a UHF remote upgrade kit for use with their line of receivers. The kit comes with a UHF remote and a UHF receiver that you locate in the same room as your receiver. Since the remote is a UHF transmitting remote it does not come with a separate transmitter. The UHF receiver operates the same way as a pyramid or cone type remote extender.

Some buttons don't work
As remote controls get older they will often begin to break down at the circuit level. Usually when your remote stops working on selected buttons there is not much you can do to correct this. Other causes such as beverages being spilled on the remote, can be corrected.

WARNING: The following procedure may render you remote inoperable. This is a last ditch effort to avoid buying a new remote.

If your remote has been introduced to pop, milk, coffee or other beverage, remove the back cover. Most remotes have a rubber membrane that forms the buttons. Under each button you will see a small dot of graphite or other conducting material. When you push a button, this conductor comes in contact with the remote circuit board, completing a small circuit. Sugar and other contaminents from beverages prevent the conductor, under the button, from making clean contact with the circuit board. Carefully clean the rubber contacts and circuit board with clean water only.

I need a new remote:
The best source for replacement remotes is the retailer you purchased your equipment from or a local dealer. Remote contols are usually a common stock item. Exceptions would be Tivo units or other specialized recievers. If you don't have a local dealer, use our national database to locate a dealer in your area.

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