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My receiver is hot:

Most satellite receivers will run warmer then you might think. Never place anything on top of the receiver unless you provide spacers to give the satellite receiver at least 1 inch of clearance. The little vents on the top of the receiver are to let the heat out. Blocking these vents is bad. Letting your cat sleep on the warm receiver is bad. The cats hair will fall into the receiver and insulate the circuit board and trap in the heat. Placing plants on top of the receiver is bad, WATERING the plants that are on top of your receiver is VERY bad.
Even with proper clearance over the satellite receiver you can still trap a lot of heat inside a closed entertainment center. When combined with a home theater amplifier a LOT of heat can be created. Creating vent holes on the back of the entertainment center at the top and bottom can create air flow and ventilate the cabinet. Small fans can be installed to provide continuous powered ventilation for extreme heat build up.

I can't record on VCR:
Make sure your VCR is tuned to the same channel your TV is tuned to to watch the satellite system, either channel 3 or 4.

Turns off or changes channels by itself:
Before you can assume you have a bad receiver you need to eliminate a couple things.
If your receiver uses a UHF remote, you may have a neighbor using a remote for their satellite system and the signals are being received by your satellite receiver. Remove the UHF antenna on the back of the receiver on if you have a separate box with a UHF remote antenna, unplug it. If your problem goes away, you will need to change the address code used by your systems. Your manual will tell you how to change the UHF remote address for the receiver.
If you do not have a UHF remote system or if you do and it still does not work right, perform a hard reset.
If that did not fix the problem make sure there is not a remote control from another device causing the problem. Remove all remotes from the room. If you still have issues you should consider the idea that your receiver is going out.

Connecting to stereo:>
On the rear of the satellite receiver you will see three RCA type connectors. They are colored Yellow, Red and white. Yellow is video, Red is right audio channel and White is left audio channel. Use RCA type stereo cables to connect these jacks to your stereo as if they were from a VCR, laserdisk or DVD. If your stereo does not have Video inputs then you can always use just the audio connections.

Where is my access card?
The access card is a credit card size plastic card.
RCA ultimate receivers have the card inside the box. Locate the little black panel in the center of the front of the unit . Push on the top center of the panel then release and it drops down, revealing the access card.
For all other models the access card slides into the receiver either in the front or the rear. Look for a small door on the front of the box. Open the door and yo will see the card. Philips receivers have the card located at the back of the unit. There is no door on the back.

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