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I don't get all my channels:
First you need to do a few basic things before we get into this topic.
If the missing channels say "Call for Authorization" or something to that effect, then you need to call your programing provider.
If that did noy solve the problem then unplug the power cord for the receiver to perform a hard reset on your receiver.
If that did not fix it, turn the satellite receiver off by pressing the power button on the front of the receiver. Leave it off for 20 minutes.

Still not working?
If your TV screen says searching for satellite signal or something to that effect, on some channels but not all of them, then you need to check the signal strength of each transponder by using the satellite receivers built in signal strength meter. If you have signal on all the even transponders but not the odd or the other way around you really need to call for help. You will have some transponders with no signal due to the use of spot beams. What you are looking for is a pattern. Do you get good signal strength on at least a couple odd and a couple even transponders. If not, then you may have a bad receiver, coax cable, cable fittings, LNB, matrix switch or multi-satellite switch.

CAUTION: Since the use of spot beams has been introduced you will not get signal strength on some transponders. For DISH Network do not concern yourself with transponders 1-10. You will not get several of them anyway. You can call your local technician and they can tell what transponders will and will not have signal.

Channels missing from Guide:
If you have not done the steps listed at the top of this page, do them before continuing.
If you have a DISH Network system and the onscreen programming guide does not even list the channels you think you should be getting (and you are sure you are in the correct favorite list. Go to the ALL CHAN list to be safe) then you need to examine the signal strength for each satellite you receive. You do this by checking the satellite you want to check signal for. In most cases that will be 110 and 119. If you get good signals on one but not on the other or you get a yellow signal bar on one of the satellites, then you most likely have a bad switch. Please call your local technician for further help.

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