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Slow browsing

Slow browsing can be contributed to several possibilities. First we need to define slow. A file that downloads at 50kbps when you are used to 400+ is only slow if other files from other sites download slower then expected as well. You need to average out all your files transfer speeds to determine if you have a problem or you are downloading from slow sites. It is not uncommon for satellite Internet to experience temporary slow downs due to traffic on the network.

The first thing you should do, if you feel your system is operating slower then usual, is to check the company web site and make sure you have any current patches or updates for your system.

I can't access some sites:

DirecWay Model 4000 Users

DirecWay user may wish to disable the proxy server settings under Explorer by clicking on Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings and un-check use proxy server. This MAY help a little. If you do this you will receive a warning from the Direcway software stating that your settings or incorrect. You can disable this error message by right clicking on the DW icon in your system tray and clicking on DIAGNOSTIC. Use the pull down menu to select Browser and Proxy server settings. Un-check the boxes below that ask for a check of that function at startup and at timed intervals.

Direcway Model 6000 and 4020 Uses

Their is no reason for you not to be able access a web page. The only self help servicing you can perform is rebooting the satellite modem by unpluging the power cord from the wall, power down the computer, and router or hub (if existing), wait 3 minutes, power up the satellite modem, and then power up the rest of the equipment.

Direway 6000 and 7000 users should verify that the computer is correctly connected to the satellite modem. To verify the computer is connected to the modem, open a browser window and enter this IP address. You should "see" the satellite modem user screen. Your installer may also have set a link on your computer to the Direcway System Status screen.


If the problem persist contact Direcway technical support.

For Starband use their web site for assistance or call Starband tech support.

How do I Network?

Direcway, Starband and WildBlue models provide a standard Ethernet port. You may connect this port to a router, switch or hub.

Older models such as the Direcway 3000 and 4000 are not network able, without sharing the internet connection through the host computer. Not recommended. The Starband model 180 is also a receiver not network able without using internet connection sharing


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