Landlord Authorization for installation of Satellite System

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In accordance to the Satellite Home Viewers Act, tenants are allowed to place a satellite dish with in their exclusive use area (Patio, Balcony, Private Yard) with out hindrance or penalty from landlord, so long as it does not pose a safety or health hazard. Any satellite dish installation which requires attachment to ANY property (including railing or fence) or drilling into structure, requires written permission from an authorized person.

To Property Manager: Please circle all that apply to your satellite dish installation policy.

Is tenant allowed to attach dish to building? Yes    No    N/A
Is tenant allowed to attach dish to balcony railing? Yes    No    N/A
Is drilling through walls allowed for installation of cable? Yes    No    N/A
If accessible, can technician use existing cable TV coax for satellite? Yes    No    N/A
If required, can a tripod or other non-penetrating mount be placed off of tenants exclusive use area? Yes    No   N/A










Installation Authoriztion

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