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The Dish Network 510 DVR is a single tuner, 100 hour digital recorder with a UHF remote for non line if sight operation. Dish Networks Dish Player 510 DVR is final incarnation of several earlier models. Starting with the 501 (deemed to have many problems) proceeded by an improved 508 DVR, the 510 only has one noticeable difference from the 508 DVR. The 508 DVR had no monthly fee to use the digital recording abilities. That changed with the 510 DVR. Dish Network now charges a $5.00 a month fee to use the receivers DVR functions. The 510 DVR is a strong 100 hours DVR with all the user friendly features Dish Network is well known for.

The DVR (digital video recorder) allows for 100% digital recording of your favorite television shows. The 120 gigabyte internal hard drive provides up to 100 hours of digital video recording. The actual number of hours of recording time you achieve will depend the type of shows you record. Fast moving action such as sports and action movies will lower that time. However, the 120 gigabyte hard drive is the largest in the satellite DVR business. Compared to DirecTV's TIVO 40 or 80 gigabyte hard drives which provide 32-80 hours, the 100 hour hard drive is a new benchmark for others to match.

The only serious limitation this DVR has compared to any other is the lack of a second internal tuner. With a single tuner, you must watch what you are recording. You can watch a previously recorded show while recording another live show. Power users might want to look at the Dish Player 522 for the dual tuner advantage, but for smaller families or those that do not plan to do a lot of recording or even watch a lot of television, the Dish Player 510 is a solid choice.

Dish Player 510 DVR Features:


  • DISH Video-On-Demand Service provides the ability to pause live TV, play, stop, fast forward and fast reverse at 4 speeds (4x, 15x, 60x, 300x), skip forward (30 seconds), skip back (10 seconds), view in slow motion or frame-by- frame, set manual/auto record event timers and quick record, and also includes recorded events management features to play, delete or protect a recorded event.
  • DVR buttons: skip forward, skip back, stop, play, pause, forward, back, record. Picture-In-Picture (PIP) functions to display, move or swap the PIP image
  • Record Plus - allows viewers to choose recording location for increased flexibility.
  • Records Dolby® Digital when available.
  • Extended Electronic Program Guide (EPG), with up to seven days of programming, is stored onto the hard drive for quick and easy access to listings information. Use Search to look for favorite program names, subjects or actors.
  • Parental control locks, program information, themes lists, favorites lists, browse, one-touch channel return, closed-caption support and alternate audio.
  • NEW! Open TV offers a new improved Electronic Program Guide and instant weather updates, more interactivity on the way.
  • DVR buttons: skip forward, skip back, stop, play, pause, forward, back, record.
  • On-screen Program Guide with complete program listings
  • Page-At-A-Time Scrolling in on-screen Program Guide
  • Interactive information "soft keys" in the menu explain the feature functions
  • On-screen transparent channel and program information banner
  • 4 user defined Favorites Lists
  • Closed caption support
  • Alternative language support
  • Pay-per-view on-screen purchase summary
  • SVHS Output jack
  • 1 set RCA-type audio/video output
  • Off-air antenna input (F-connectors)
  • 2400 baud internal modem/phone jack


"Platinum" UHF/Infrared 4-Component Universal Remote Control - controls satellite receiver up to a distance of 100 feet through walls and other obstructions and can be programmed to operate (via infrared) up to three additional components, such as TVs, VCR's and DVD players.

TV1 Connections

  • 1 set RCA-type audio/video outputs
  • 1 S-video output
  • 1 RF modulated output (channel 3/4)
  • 1 optical digital output for Dolby® Digital and PCM Digital audio.
  • 1 TV antenna/cable input

Dish 510 Owners Manual


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Chapter 5 (117KB)

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