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Dish 111

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The Dish Network 111 satellite receiver is an entry level receiver. The Dish 111 is a very simple receiver which lacks many common features found on most other models. The only real advantage this receiver has is it size. Measuring only 2 inches high, 8.75 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep, it is the smallest Dish Network receiver to date. The small size makes it ideal for motor homes, or any place where space is a major concern.


The remote control will not turn your television on or off and the unit does not have audio/video composite outputs. This receiver is usually only used because it is less expensive for dealers. Unless you have a need for a small size unit, make sure you get a 311 as your basic unit and not the 111.

Dish 311 Features

NEW! Open TV offers a new improved Electronic Program Guide and instant weather updates, more interactivity on the way.

On-screen Program Guide with complete program listings

Page-At-A-Time Scrolling in on-screen Program Guide

Interactive information "soft keys" in the menu explain the feature functions

On-screen transparent channel and program information banner

4 user defined Favorites Lists

Alternative language support

Pay-per-view on-screen purchase summary

One Infrared (IR) 4-component universal remote control for DISH 111 Operation only

TV Connections
1 RF modulated output (channel 3/4)

1 TV antenna/cable input

Dish 111 Manual


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