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The DIRECTV HR20 is a MPEG4 High Definition DVR satellite receiver. The HR-20 is a dual tuner receiver capable of recording one channel while you watch another. Unlike it's TIVO based predecessors, the HR-20 does not allow the user to switch between tuners on the fly. When one tuner is recording, the user can only view that tuner by going to the start of the recording event. The tuner does provide a very simple interface to start a recording, and recent software updates have greatly improved prior reliability issues. This is DIRECTVS only HDTV DVR. To receive MPEG4 Digital HD Television you will have to have a 5-LNB DIRECTV satellite dish.



  • DirecTV Plus HR20 HD DVR Satellite Receiver
    • HDTV Capability
    • DVR Recording Capability in SD and HD!
    • Up to 30 hours of HD (MPEG-2) Digital Recording
    • Up to 50 hours of HD (MPEG-4) Digital Recording
    • Up to 200 hours of SD Digital Recording
    • Dolby Digital� Sound Capability
    • RF Remote Control Capability
    • Required Access Card
    • Instruction Manual
    • Warranty Card
  • Standard-definition (MPEG-2) and high definition (MPEG-2, MPEG-4) enabled
  • Record up to 200 hrs of SD, up to 30 hours of HD (MPEG-2) programming
  • Record up to 50 hours of HD (MPEG-4) programming
  • 2 satellite tuners for access to SD and HD DIRECTV programming
  • 2 ATSC tuners for access to local HD broadcasts where available
  • Advanced Program Guide�
  • Pause and rewind live high-definition TV for up to 90 minutes
  • Series Link
  • One touch record, auto record, manual record, and bookmarks
  • Search and record
  • Interactive TV enabled
  • 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i picture output and multiple screen formats supported
  • Dolby� Digital 5.1 Surround Sound capable
  • On-Screen Caller ID
  • HDMI output, Component, S-Video, Composite, Optical Audio outputs
  • Parental locks/control

Rear Panel

  • HDMI 1
  • Component 1
  • Composite 2
  • S-Video 1
  • Digital Optical 1
  • Stereo 2
  • Satellite In 2
  • Off-Air In 1
  • Phone
  • USB (For Future Use)
  • Ethernet (RJ45) (For Future Use)
  • SATA Port (For Future Use)
  • Front USB (For Future Use)


  • Width 15.125"
  • Height 2.75"
  • Depth 12.25"

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DIRECTV HR20 High Definition DVR Satellite Receiver